Is There a Secret to Shooting the Perfect Swish?

Shooting a basketball is an art. It is a craft that you need to work on for countless hours if you want to master it. There is no substitute for effort if your aim is to become a great shooter.

That said, are there tips you can try that can improve your accuracy? Are there any secrets to the craft that will guarantee you swishes each and every time?

We don’t know if they are secrets exactly, but they are tips that should help you out immensely. Try out the tips detailed below the next time you step on the court and see how well they work for you.

How to Shoot a Swish Consistently

If you’ve been playing basketball for a while, you likely know about the shooting fundamentals already. You know about squaring your feet and shoulders, keeping your eyes on the target, and following through on your shots.

We are not going to rehash those tips. For this article, we will discuss more advanced shooting tips so you can find out how to swish every time.

Aim for the Right Arc

Getting the right arc on your shot will be crucial if you want to be a more consistent shooter. But what is the right arc to aim for in the first place?

Ideally, you should try to release your shot at a consistent 45-degree angle. Releasing a shot at that angle gives you enough height to avoid defenders. At the same time, it also gives your shot more opportunities to drop through the net.

Shooting at a 45-degree angle also gives you some room for error. Even if your shot is off by a few degrees one way or another, it can still stay on line fairly consistently. That won’t happen if you shoot a flatter or higher-arcing ball.

Shoot at the Right Time

Are you coming up short consistently on your shots? If so, your issue may have something to do with timing.

Some shooters look to release at the top of their jump. In a way, that makes sense if you’re trying to avoid getting stuffed. Then again, distance shooters rarely get blocked anyway.

There is no need for you to release your shot at the highest point of your jump. Instead, you want to shoot while you are still moving up.

Shooting on the way up allows you to benefit from the force generated by your leap. You’ll be able to get better distance on your shots by shooting that way.

Don’t Bend Your Knees Too Much

You will hear a lot of people say that bending your knees is crucial to shooting well. Bending your knees will indeed help you generate force on your shot, but you don’t need to bend them too much.

Bending your knees excessively can slow down your shot. Plus, you’ll have a hard time replicating your shot in a game setting if you rely on deep knee bends.

You want to move into your shot instead of relying solely on your knees to generate force. If you develop that habit, you’ll become a quicker and more consistent shooter.

Becoming a better shooter doesn’t require completely overhauling your form. Following a few simple tips may be enough to ensure that you get more swishes the next time you hit the hardwood.