Tips on Nailing the Perfect Three-Point Shot

The three-point shot. Perfecting it can elevate your basketball game to a whole new level. You can lock down the perfect form and increase your shot percentage with some practice. Learn how to shoot three pointers below.

Tips on Shooting Three Pointers

Making a successful three-point shot involves prepping your whole body from bottom to top.

Balance: Your feet should always be shoulder-width apart, with your dominant foot placed slightly in front of the other. Always keep your knees bent for a good foundation.

Eyes: Focus on the front of the rim. Instead of aiming at the back of the rim, focus on the hooks holding the net up.

Elbow: Always have your elbows bent and upper arms perpendicular to the basket. Your arms should not be dangling.

Follow-Through: Follow through every shot that you attempt. You’ll have better rotation and arch to your shot.

Other Ways to Improve Your Three-Point Shot

Aside from the tips mentioned above, other methods can improve your shot. They include:

Be in Position: You’ll need to get your shot away quickly during any game. Standing upright and flat-footed will prevent you from getting your shot off accurately.

Create a Strong Base: A strong base allows you to jump into your shot instead of falling away from it. Only attempt three-point shots that allow you to square up.

Create a Perfect Shooting Rhythm: The best three-point shooters have the same form and technique on every shot. Mid-range shots should have the same form as a three-point shot. You’ll increase your muscle memory with time, and your shot will be the same every time. Your accuracy will increase dramatically.

Follow Through With Your Shot: Keep your form and balance when the ball leaves your hand and travels through the air. Your goal is to land on the same spot you jumped from and not fall away from your shot. Make spots on the floor and make yourself land on the area.


Once you have mastered the tips, it’s time to put them into practice. Practice separates an average three-point shooter from a phenomenal one.  Set a timer and challenge yourself to improve by getting off perfect shots within a specified time. Create real-game simulations by having a defender try to block you. Hitting three pointers without a defender won’t help you make more shots when the actual game comes. Also, add bodyweight workouts to become more explosive and improve basketball-specific moves.