The Greatest Tampa Basketball Players of All Time

The game of basketball has permitted us to witness some amazing talent over the course of its history. There are legends of the game whose names are etched in the annals of time, and in the Hall of Fame.

The argument for the greatest of all time is a debate that we hope is never settled. With each new generation, it seems there comes a legend whose name gets thrown into the ring for the title of the greatest ever.

The Best Ever?

In today’s game, setting records and chasing greatness are all part of the game. Some of the best players to come out of the Tampa area are doing just that and making a case for the greatest ever to come from Tampa too.

So, who is the greatest player to ever come from the Tampa, FL area? While that question may not be clear-cut, there are more than a few players who are making a case for being in the conversation.

In an area renowned for talent in many types of sports, Tampa also has no shortage of talented basketball players. Here are some of those names and players who have made a name, and a case for the best ever from Tampa to play the game of basketball.

Best Basketball Players from Tampa FL

The question simply doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. In fact, it may even be difficult to name the greatest basketball player from Tampa, let alone the entire world. There has been some special talent, though, to come from the Tampa basketball world.

Some of the greatest basketball players Tampa has ever seen include Jerome James, Gilbert Arenas, and Jordan Clarkson. James played for the Chicago Bulls, was a repeat national leader in blocks during his time in college, and even played for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Arenas was renowned for his physical skills and played professionally for several teams, including the Wizards, Magic, and Warriors. He played high school basketball in the Los Angeles area and attended Arizona.

Clarkson, also a Tampa native, is currently playing for the Utah Jazz and is considered not only one of the best 6th man options in the NBA but also one of the top guards too.

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