Tampa Florida Pickup Basketball To Join the Big 3 Media Team

We are Tampa Florida Pickup Basketball, and we are excited that our videographers and photographers will be joining the Big3 media team. Recent news is out that Ice Cube is bringing Tampa Basketball to the Big3 Tampa event in August. 

Excitement for Ice Cube

There is a huge amount of excitement out in society about what Ice Cube may be able to do to help elevate this sport to the next level. Tickets were sold for $25 with the chance for fans to get to see Ice Cube freestyle while out on the court. He was cagey about some of the other aspects of the event as he seeks to keep the excitement as high as possible for all fans who are happy to pay the full ticket price to see what is going to happen next. He wants to keep that excitement as high as he possibly can because he knows that something needs to be done to help make sure that everyone who goes gets their money’s worth. 

A League With National Exposure

There is a nine-week-long regular season that is to be capped off by a championship game to be held on August 21st in Atlanta. This means that there is a lot of potential for this league to continue to gain national exposure in the ways that it needs to in order to have the cultural grip that it needs to have to keep people as interested as possible in what might happen next. It is absolutely critical that everyone who wants to see this league thrive be given the ability to see the league play in various arenas throughout the country. That is truly the only way that it will keep gaining traction with an even bigger audience. 

Ice Cube and other promoters of the league fully understand the value of what they have tapped into here, and they are looking to expand the influence of the league to go even further than it has already. If they can pull this off, then there will be a lot more excitement to come. 

Streamed on Television

CBS and Paramount+ are both streaming the games for those who aren’t able to attend in person. This is a big deal because it means that there are name-brand television networks that are eager to get coverage of this league spread out to as many fans as they possibly can. 

The deal with CBS and Paramount+ means that more people will be exposed to this league than would have otherwise. It is yet another great way to help spread the word about pickup basketball and why it can be such an exciting sport to watch. It is a nice way to fill in the gap for basketball fans during the gap when the NBA and college basketball are not available for them. They still want to watch their favorite sport, and this league provides them with the chance to do so.